Plain of Lucca

A string of hills surrounds Lucca’s area. Little villages with stone churches and historical villas with boundless wooded parks. Vineyards and olive groves complete the view while the terracing still is one of the most beloved landscape of the world.

What to do

  • A visit to the Villa Guinigi Museum, or at Lu.C.C.A. Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Appreciate Lucca from above by Torre Guinigi
  • Enjoy the impassable walk on the Renaissance walls

A piece of advice

For your spring tour on the hills there is no better way than hiring a Vespa and getting the address of some good trattoria.

  • The churches

    100 churches..


  • The passions

    the city of music


  • The towers

    and the sixteenth-century palaces


  • Art

    roman, romantic & Jacopo della Quercia