Versilia is a quite recent coast. Difficult to reach unitl ‘800 because of the swamp which encircled it but after several land reclamation works it became one of the most required region and many artists and intellectuals have always been inspired by its bright colours and atmospheres.

What to do

  • Not only the sea: a visit to the Versilia hinterland
  • The most authentic carnival, one evening at the Darsena di Viareggio
  • The “viareggina” kitchen guarantees you unbeatable flavors and scents

A piece of advice

An outing with fishermen for a boat trip with a boat lunch deserves a leeway. You will be rewarded with tasty dishes and adventurous stories. If you want to get up late, it will be great a fish fried fish at the Darsena and a walk on the pier.

  • Pietrasanta and surroundings

    churches and art


  • the Sea

    the beaches of Versilia


  • the Marble

    the quarries


  • Nature

    fauna and flora