Via Francigena

Via Francigena

From Rome to Canterbury, since VIII Century via Francigena is an itinerary through both space and time. It crosses different landscapes, villages, towns, plains, woods, passages through mountains and gulfs along the coast.
Less than 2000 kilometers of history and narrative of pilgrims, merchants and fans of one of the oldest routes in Europe.

What to do

  • St. Martin’s Cathedral and the Volto Santo
  • The pilgrims’ paths in the beautiful Lucca countryside
  • A visit to Pietrasanta and Altopascio

A piece of advice

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the traveler between bell towers, architectures of buildings, lost churches, millennial bell towers and the thousand other places of the Via Francigena

  • Via Francigena

    a millennial history


  • St. Martin

    and Volto santo


  • Excursions

    gentle slopes and dense forests


  • over Lucca

    the sights of Lucca